Campaigns of the British Army in Portugal, under the command of general the Earl of Wellington, K. B... dedicated by permission to his lordship, London, 1812
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Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Wellington
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The Landing of the British Army at Mondego Bay
The Attack on the French Corps Commanded by Gen. Laborde, on the 17 Aug. 1808
Battle of Vimiero
The embarkation of Gen. Junot after the Convention of Cintra at Quai Sodre
The attack on the strong Fort of Grijo, on the 11 of May 1809
Passage of the Douro
Passage of the Douro
Brige of Nodin
The attack of the Rear Guard of the french at Salamonde
The Bridge of Saltador
A view of the Bridge of Miserere, abaut three leagues from Salamonde
The Battle of Talavera
The Battle of Bussaco
A view taken on the Tagus near Villa-Franca which shows a part of the British Lines
The Siege of Badajos
The Battle of Salamanca
The Battle of Victoria
Departure of His R. H. Prince Regent of Portugal for the Brazils
Sketch of the action near the Vigia de la Barrosa, March 5, 1811. By the quarter Master General`s Dep.
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