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IPRES 2013 [Recurso eletrónico] : proceedings / of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects ; ed. José Borbinha, Michael Nelson, Steve Knight. - Recurso em linha. - Lisboa : Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, 2013. - Modo de acesso: World Wide Web http://purl.pt/24107
. - Tit. do ecrã de apresentação. - Descrição baseada na data de consulta de: 29 agosto 2013. - Dados textuais e imagens
ISBN 978-972-565-493-4

CDU 004.77.05(042)(0.034)


Session: Web Archives
Studies on the scalability of web preservation
CLEAR: a credible method to evaluate website archivability
Interoperability of web archives and digital libraries: A Delphi study

Session: Object Preservation
Database Preservation Evaluation Report - SIARD vs. CHRONOS
File-Based Preservation of the BBC’s Videotape Archive
Large-Scale Curation and Presentation of CD-ROM Art

Session: Sharing Knowledge
Interoperability Objectives and Approaches: Results from the APARSEN NoE
Open Preservation Data: Controlled vocabularies and ontologies for preservation ecosystems
Supporting practical preservation work and making it sustainable with SPRUCE

Session: Repositories
Creating a Framework for Applying OAIS to Distributed Digital Preservation
Realizing the Archivematica vision: delivering a comprehensive and free OAIS implementation
Measuring Perceptions of Trustworthiness: A Research Project

Session: Corporate World
A Framework for Automated Verification in Software Escrow
Leveraging DP in Commercial Contexts through ERM

Session: In Cooperation
Benefits of geographical, organizational and collection factors in digital preservation cooperations: The experience of the Goportis consortium
ENSURE: Long term digital preservation of Health Care, Clinical Trial and Financial data

Session: Beyond Data
Digital Preservation of a Process and its Application to e-Science Experiments
Framework for Verification of Preserved and Redeployed Processes
Cloudy Emulation – Efficient and Scaleable Emulation-based Services

Session: Data Preservation
Sustainable Data Preservation using datorium – facilitating the Scientific Ideal of Data Sharing in the Social Sciences
Monika Linne
Monika Linne (316 KB)
Modelling Data Value in Digital Preservation

Session: National Strategies
The process of building a national trusted digital repository: a user centric approach for requirements gathering and policy development
Archives New Zealand Migration from Fedora Commons to the Rosetta Digital Preservation System
Jan Hutar
Jan Hutar (526 KB)
Destination: Shared Repository: The National Library of France’s Journey to Third-Party Archiving

Session: Assessment
A Risk Analysis of File Formats for Preservation Planning
On the Assessment of Preservability: Method and Application

Session: Technology
An Analysis of Contemporary JPEG2000 Codecs for Image Format Migration
Managing and Transforming Digital Forensics Metadata for Digital Collections
Permanent Digital Data Storage: A Materials Approach

Session: Governance
Automatic Preservation Watch using Information Extraction on the Web
Preservation Policy Levels in SCAPE

Session: Digitized Collections
Analysis of the variability in digitised images compared to the distortion introduced by compression
An attempt at modeling differentiated storage for digitized collections: finding the balance between storage, costs and preservation of digitized publications

Session: Curation
Preservation Aspects of a Curation-Oriented Thematic Aggregator
Towards Concise Preservation by Managed Forgetting: Challenges and Opportunities

Acquiring and providing access to historical web collections
The SCAPE Planning and Watch suite
Demonstration of the BitCurator Environment

Posters Abstracts
Using data archiving tools to preserve archival records in business systems – a case study
PERICLES - Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics
On Preparedness of Memory Organizations for Ingesting Data
Web Archiving as a Service for the Sciences
A Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation – The 4C Project
Neil Grindley
Neil Grindley (154 KB)
TAP: A Tiered Preservation Model for Digital Resources
Digital Preservation Center of NSLC
Zhenxin Wu
Zhenxin Wu (283 KB)
Enhancing characterisation for digital preservation
Query Suggestion for Web Archive Search
Quality assured image file format migration in large digital object repositories
Automating the Preservation of Electronic Theses and Dissertations with Archivematica
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan (338 KB)
Diverse approaches to blog preservation: a comparative study
Digital preservation of epidemic resources: coupling metadata and ontologies
Risk Management for Digital Long-Term Preservation Services
UPBox and DataNotes: a collaborative data management environment for the long tail of research data
Building Institutional Capacity in Digital Preservation
Adapting search user interfaces to web archives
A Digital Archive of Monitoring Data
The Data-at-Risk Initiative: A Metadata Scheme for Documenting Data Rescue Activities
On Enhancing the FFMA Knowledge Base
A new data model for digital preservation and digital archiving for the French Administration: VITAM model on NoSQL technologies
Multimedia Collections Management