DLM 2014 - 7th Triennial Conference of the DLM Forum
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DLM 2014 [Recurso eletrónico] : making the information governance landscape in Europe / 7th Triennial Conference of the DLM Forum ; ed. José Borbinha, Zoltán Szatucsek, Seamus Ross . - Livro eletrónico. - Lisboa : Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, 2014. - p.
ISBN 978-972-565-541-2

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Session: Keynote Speaker 1
e-Residency in e-Estonia

Session: Records Management and Governance
Bringing legacy and physical content under Governance
Risk-based appraisal and selection of records in The Netherlands: development of new tools
Building a risk based records management governance for the City of Rotterdam

Session: Ingesting Special Records & Databases
Preserving digital heritage: a network centric approach
The modernization, migration and archiving of research register
Activities to facilitate the authentic interpretation of archived databases

Information Culture: An Essential Concept for Next Generation Records Management

Session: Information Governance Motivation
The role of Information Governance in an Enterprise Architecture Framework
One consolidated view of information management references
Transforming Information Governance Using SharePoint 2010

Session: Records Management Theory in Transition
From Casanova to MoReq2010. Ages of Records
Introducing MoReq, 4th Edition, and what comes next
Jon Garde
Jon Garde (11 KB)
Search, Discovery and Harmonization of Diverse Digital Contents

Session: Preserving and Accessing Databases
Database Preservation Toolkit: a flexible tool to normalize and give access to databases
Practical experiences and challenges preserving administrative databases
Long-term access to databases the meaningful way

Session: Data Protection
Data protection in the archives world – fundamental right or additional burden?

Session: Managing Hybrid Records
Reducing complexity of hybrid data at ingest
Interdisciplinary Approach for Hybrid Records Management in Belgian Federal Administrations: The HECTOR Research Project

Session: Archival Services and Tools
Research projects as a driving force for open source development and a fast route to market
Open Source Archive
Integration of records management and digital archiving systems: what can we do today?
From retention schedules to functional schemes in the French Ministry of Defence

Session: Information Governance in Practice
Information Governance with MoReq
Jon Garde
Jon Garde (11 KB)
A Maturity Model for Information Governance
Evidence-based Open Government: Solutions from Norway and Spain
James Lowry
James Lowry (69 KB)

Session: Keynote Speaker 7
Can records management be automated?
James Lappin
James Lappin (56 KB)

Session: Keynote Speaker 8
MoReq and E-ARK
Jon Garde
Jon Garde (10 KB)

Session: The Cloud, Social Data, and Big Data
Is Big Data governing future memories?
Access and Preservation in the cloud: Lessons from operating Preservica Cloud Edition
Some problems of professional processing of online social networks archive

Session: Education and training
Recordkeeping Informatics: Building the Discipline Base
Law and Records Management in Archival Studies: New Skills for Digital Preservation