The catholic Netherlands : comprehending 1. The dutchy of Brabant, divided into Austrian and Dutch Brabant, with the Austrian is United and Incorporated, the Margraviate of the Holy Roman Empire including the city of Antwerp and is territory. 2.The Lordship of Mecheln, to Austria. 3. The Dutchy of Limburg divided into Austrian and Dutch. 4. Gelderland, or Dutchy of Gelders divided into Austrian, Prussian and Dutch. 5. The Dutchy of Luxemburg, of with the French possess a smol share. 6. The County of Flanders belonging to da Austrian French and Dutch. 7. Namurois, or County of Namur to Austria, and small part to France. 8. County of Haynaut divided between France and Austria. 9. County of Artois and 10. Cambresis to France / Printed for Robert Sayer. - Escala [ca 1:660000], 10 Flemish Leagues 24 to a Degrr = [7,05 cm]. - London, No. 53 Fleet Street : Robert Sayer, 1793. - 1 mapa : gravura, color. ; 49,70x66,90 cm, em folha de 56,60x72,00 cm

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