JEFFERYS, Thomas, ca 1710-1771
A new general map of the East Indies, exhibiting in the Peninsula on this side of the Ganges or Hindoostan the several partitions of the Mogul's Empire and the dominions of the English East India Company in the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, Orixa, as well as upon the coasts of Malabar and Coromandel, with the French and Dutch possessions according to the peace of 1783, and in the peninsula beyond the Ganges, the kingdoms of Assam, Cashar, Aua, Aracan, Mien, Pegu, Siam, Lao and Cambodia, &c. / by Thomas Jefferys geographer to the king with additions and emendentions from the actual surveys made by James Rennel F.R.S., Surveyor General to the Honourable East India Company. - Escala [ca 1:7300000],150 Common Parsangs of Persia, 25 Ln a Degree = [9,075 cm]. - London : Laurie & Whitle, 1794. - 1 mapa : gravura, color. ; 57,00x70,00 cm, em folha de 60,50x72,00 cm

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