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This Guide is based upon the systematic and inasmuch comprehensive exploitation of the existing collection of printed works of the National Library of Portugal.

Also, it encompasses recent bibliographic specimens that are not (yet) catalogued, thus not having a shelfmark, as well as a few contemporary sources that are only to be found in other public libraries or are part of private collections.

Works are grouped according to a thematic criterion, this making them sometimes appear more than once, in different sections in the Guide. As concerns works having a broader scope, their more relevant parts to the study of "Elections" and/or "Parliament" are often highlighted. Histories of Portugal, however, were excluded except when they provide specific chapters on either of these topics. Likewise, studies and essays with brief references thereto or comments thereon are not mentioned.

Quality and usefulness of sources and bibliography gathered are naturally uneven. It is therefore for the user to make a critical assessment.

In future periodical site updating, possible omissions and incorrect data will be dealt with, as well as newly published titles will be added.

Lisbon, 1st September 2006


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