Obras digitalizadas de Kitchin, Thomas

Título   South America with its several divisions, according to the possessions of the european powers
Data   1794
PURL   913
Título   The circles of Lower Rhine, Franconia, Swabia, and Bavaria, with the southern parts, of the circles...
Data   1790
PURL   3739
Título   Eastern parts of Brandenburg and Saxony, with Pomerania, Prussia, Lusatia and the Northern parts of...
Autor/Resp.   Kitchin, Thomas; Delarochete, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy [1731-1802]
Data   1794
PURL   3747
Título   Eastern parts of Bohemia and of the circle of Austria, with Moravia, and the southern parts of...
Data   1790
PURL   3756
Título   Ageneral map of England & Wales divided into its counties
Data   1787
PURL   3785
Título   A new map of Irelan divided into provinces, counties...
Data   1786
PURL   3787
Título   North Britain or Scotland divided into its counties...
Data   1778
PURL   3788
Título   Great Britain and Ireland...
Data   1787
PURL   3806