Obras digitalizadas de Moll, Herman

Título   Map of South America, according to the Newest and most exact observations
Autor/Resp.   Moll, Herman; Vertue, George [1684-1756]Lens, Bernard [1682-1740]
Data   1710
PURL   877
Título   A new & exact map of the coast, countries and islands within the limits of the south sea company...
Data   1709
PURL   878
Título   Portugal according to the newest observations
Data   1700
PURL   1462
Título   Portugal
Data   1732
PURL   1578
Título   A chart of the sea coast of Great Britain and Ireland
Data   1670
PURL   1730
Título   A description of all the seats of the present Wars of Europe, in the Netherlands, Piedmont,...
Autor/Resp.   Moll, Herman; Ferreira, Paulino [1882-1944]
Data   1707
PURL   23383
Título   A map of the West-Indies or the islands of America in the North sea; with ye adjacent Countries;...
Data   17
PURL   27556