Obras digitalizadas de Arrowsmith, Aaron

Título   Outlines of the physical and political divisions of South America partly from scarce and original...
Autor/Resp.   Arrowsmith, Aaron; Jones, Edward [1806-1814]
Data   1814
PURL   850
Título   Chart of Pulo Penang, now Prince of Walesªs island
Data   1805
PURL   3500
Título   Chart of the world on Mercator's projection, exhibiting all the New Discoveries to the present...
Data   1790
PURL   3754
Título   A military sketch of the country between Cadiz and Marbella
Autor/Resp.   Arrowsmith, Aaron; Landmann, George [1779-1854]
Data   1811
PURL   6292