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Título A limit theorem for maxima of nonstationary Gaussian sequences
Autor/Resp. Deo, Chandrakant M.
Data 1978
PURL 2850
Título On the growth of analytic functions represented by Dirichlet series
Autor/Resp. Juneja, O.P. ;  Nandan, Krishna
Data 1978
PURL 2851
Título A remark on the eigenvalues of generalized circulants
Autor/Resp. Chao, Chong-Yun
Data 1978
PURL 2852
Título On the relationships among the axioms for a metric space and for general axiomatic systems
Autor/Resp. Singmaster, D. ;  Souppouris, D.J.
Data 1978
PURL 2853
Título Comments on the definition of a Tikhonov semifield homomorphism
Autor/Resp. Papp, F.J.
Data 1978
PURL 2854
Título On the complementation of relatively complemented distributive lattices
Autor/Resp. Lowig, H.F.J.
Data 1978
PURL 2855
Título Absolute summability and stretchings of sequences
Autor/Resp. Keagy, T.A.
Data 1978
PURL 2856
Título Mixtures of invariant non-ergodic probabilities
Autor/Resp. Rao, M.B.
Data 1978
PURL 2857
Título Characterizations of a mixture of two general distributions
Autor/Resp. Lingappaiah, G.S.
Data 1978
PURL 2858
Título *-Compactifications
Autor/Resp. Schmid, J.
Data 1978
PURL 2859
Título On random evolutions induced by countable state space Markov chains
Autor/Resp. Keepler, M.
Data 1978
PURL 2860
Título Continuous extensions: answer to a question of Hanner
Autor/Resp. Borges, C.R.
Data 1978
PURL 2861
Título Some results on continuous flows
Autor/Resp. Williams, R.K.
Data 1978
PURL 2862
Título Real complete and K-complete proximity
Autor/Resp. Alo, R.A. ;  Talamo, R.
Data 1978
PURL 2863
Título Spherical and ellipsoidality theorems for convex bodies
Autor/Resp. Dorn, C.
Data 1978
PURL 2864
Título Oscillation of solutions of second order difference equations
Autor/Resp. Szmanda, B.
Data 1978
PURL 2865
Título $E_{\phi,\varphi}$ operators between normed spaces
Autor/Resp. Tita, N.
Data 1978
PURL 2866
Título The use of fractional calculus in probability
Autor/Resp. Gomes, M.I. ;  Pestana, D.D.
Data 1978
PURL 2867
Título On non-separable 0-dimensional metrizable spaces
Autor/Resp. Arosio, A. ;  Ferreira, A.V.
Data 1978
PURL 2868
Título On the oscillation of a fourth order differential equation and its adjoint
Autor/Resp. Taylor, W.E. jr.
Data 1978
PURL 2869
Título Concerning the existence of the double Stieltjes mean $\sigma$-integral
Autor/Resp. Bzoch, R. ;  Morrell, J.S.
Data 1978
PURL 2870
Título Reclassification, diversity and elementary number theory
Autor/Resp. Bhargava, T.N. ;  Doyle, P.H.
Data 1978
PURL 2871
Título A note on Helson sets
Autor/Resp. Miles, Frank B.
Data 1979
PURL 2872
Título On 10-crossing knots
Autor/Resp. Perko, Kenneth A. jr.
Data 1979
PURL 2873
Título Certain generalizations of Boolean rings
Autor/Resp. Moore, H.G. ;  Yaqub, Adil
Data 1979
PURL 2874
Título Cesàro summability factors and a comparison of convergence rates
Autor/Resp. Dawson, David F.
Data 1979
PURL 2875
Título Mappings of positive integers and subspaces of m
Autor/Resp. Schaefer, Paul
Data 1979
PURL 2876
Título A remark on Schrödinger's equation with a short range potential
Autor/Resp. Cazenave, Thierry
Data 1979
PURL 2877
Título On Reimer recurrences
Autor/Resp. Al-Salam, W.A. ;  Chihara, T.S.
Data 1979
PURL 2878
Título Classificação polinomial de espaços localmente convexos
Autor/Resp. Pombo, Dinamérico P. jr.
Data 1979
PURL 2879
Título A generalization of Euler's theorem
Autor/Resp. Deleon, M.J.
Data 1979
PURL 2880
Título A note on the characterization of orthogonality and compatibility of elements of a quantum logic
Autor/Resp. Mukherjee, M.K.
Data 1979
PURL 2881
Título Sturmian theorems for components of coupled elliptic systems
Autor/Resp. Cheng, Sui-Sun
Data 1979
PURL 2882
Título On certain multiplicative functions related to the Möbius function
Autor/Resp. Sita Ramaiah, V.
Data 1979
PURL 2883
Título Weak inertial coefficient rings
Autor/Resp. Wehlen, Joseph A.
Data 1979
PURL 2884
Título An extension of Helly's theorem for Banach spaces
Autor/Resp. Wilansky, A.
Data 1979
PURL 2885
Título Absolute convergence of Fourier series of a function of Wiener's class $V_p$
Autor/Resp. Siddiqi, Rafat N.
Data 1979
PURL 2886
Título Extensions of the Minkowski determinant theorem
Autor/Resp. Merris, Russell
Data 1979
PURL 2887
Título A dual algorithm for the minimal cost flow problem
Autor/Resp. Veira Martins, Ernesto Q.
Data 1979
PURL 2888
Título Some results on matrices with prescribed diagonal elements, eigenvalues and singular values
Autor/Resp. Fernandes Miranda, M.E.
Data 1979
PURL 2889
Título A constructive characterization of the lattices of all retractions, preclosure, quasi-closure and...
Autor/Resp. Cousot, Patrick ;  Cousot, Radhia
Data 1979
PURL 2890
Título Some results of fixed point theory on statistical metric spaces
Autor/Resp. Kabe, D.G.
Data 1979
PURL 2891
Título A representation for the derivative of a meta-analytic function
Autor/Resp. Sastry, M.S.K.
Data 1979
PURL 2892
Título On a Hilbert-type transform
Autor/Resp. Heinig, H.P.
Data 1979
PURL 2893
Título On a theorem of S. Uchiyama concerning the largest squarefree divisor
Autor/Resp. Rieger, G.J.
Data 1979
PURL 2894
Título Closed mappings are open at a $G_\delta$ set
Autor/Resp. Levi, Sandro
Data 1979
PURL 2895
Título On the stability of the Ritz procedure for nonlinear two-point boundary value problems
Autor/Resp. Schiop, Alexandru I.
Data 1979
PURL 2896
Título Local convexity in topological lattices
Autor/Resp. Miller, John Boris
Data 1979
PURL 2897
Título Pathological maximal R-sequences in quasilocal domains
Autor/Resp. Hochster, M.
Data 1979
PURL 2898
Título Interpolation by increasing polynomials
Autor/Resp. Dobbs, David E. ;  Rosenstein, Joseph G.
Data 1979
PURL 2899