Artigos do volume 20, fascículo 2

Título   On a class of extremal problems for polynomials in the unit circle
Autor/Resp.   Shapiro, H.S.
Data   1961
PURL   2364
Título   An axiomatic approach to homotopy theory without using the relative groups
Autor/Resp.   Hu, Sze-Tsen
Data   1961
PURL   2365
Título   A syntactical characterization of the predicate calculus with identity and the validity in all...
Autor/Resp.   Schneider, Hubert H.
Data   1961
PURL   2366
Título   On reflective ideals of a ring and of a semigroup
Autor/Resp.   Luh, Jiang
Data   1961
PURL   2367