Artigos do volume 26, fascículo 4

Título   An imbedding space for Schwartz distribution on $R^n$
Autor/Resp.   Myers, Donald E.
Data   1967
PURL   2553
Título   On collections of domains inscribed in a covering of a space in the sense of Alexandroff and Urysohn
Autor/Resp.   Worrell, J.M. jr.
Data   1967
PURL   2554
Título   Some remarks on b-spaces
Autor/Resp.   Ferreira, A.V.
Data   1967
PURL   2555
Título   A theorem on entropic groupoids
Autor/Resp.   Morgado, José
Data   1967
PURL   2556
Título   An interpolation theorem for graphical homomorphisms
Autor/Resp.   Harary, Frank; Hedetniemi, Stephen; Prins, Geert
Data   1967
PURL   2557
Título   The structure of set-valued additive functions
Autor/Resp.   Henney, Dagmar R.
Data   1967
PURL   2558
Título   Fractional integration and functions self-reciprocal in Hankel transforms
Autor/Resp.   Narain Kesarwani, Roop
Data   1967
PURL   2559
Título   On a theorem of Hanner and Dowker
Autor/Resp.   McCandless, Byron H.
Data   1967
PURL   2560
Título   On a quasi-monotonic sequence
Autor/Resp.   Hsiang, Fu Cheng
Data   1967
PURL   2561
Título   Invertible continua
Autor/Resp.   Davis, H.S.; Doyle, P.H.
Data   1967
PURL   2562
Título   Upper semicontinuous decompositions of spaces having bases of countable order
Autor/Resp.   Worrell, J.M. jr.
Data   1967
PURL   2563
Título   Some applications of a theorem of Schur to graphs and to a class of endomorphisms
Autor/Resp.   Chao, Chong-Yun
Data   1967
PURL   2564