Artigos do volume 29, fascículo 1

Título   Metrizability of spaces with countably based closed sets
Autor/Resp.   Sabella, Ralph
Data   1970
PURL   2612
Título   On the existence of series solution of differential equations of generalized order
Autor/Resp.   Al-Bassam, M.A.
Data   1970
PURL   2613
Título   On invariant multiplications in a category
Autor/Resp.   Fantham, P.H.H.
Data   1970
PURL   2614
Título   On a local property of $|(N,p_n)(C,\alpha)|$ summability of Fourier series
Autor/Resp.   Hsiang, Fu Cheng
Data   1970
PURL   2615
Título   Inversion formulae to certain integral equations involving H-function
Autor/Resp.   Saxena, Vinod Prakash
Data   1970
PURL   2616
Título   A note on the endomorphisms associated to semi-direct decompositions of a group
Autor/Resp.   Morgado, José
Data   1970
PURL   2617
Título   Invariance proof of simplicial homology and cohomology groups without using subdivisions or...
Autor/Resp.   Hu, Sze-Tsen
Data   1970
PURL   2618