Artigos do volume 31, fascículo 1

Título   Two arithmetic functions and asymptotic densities of related sets
Autor/Resp.   Suryanarayana, D.
Data   1972
PURL   2668
Título   Note on some characteristic properties of functions of the second kind
Autor/Resp.   Schleusner, John
Data   1972
PURL   2669
Título   Inductive and projective limits of $L_p$ spaces
Autor/Resp.   Davis, Henry W.; Murray, F.J.; Weber, J.K.
Data   1972
PURL   2670
Título   Some finite integrals involving R-function
Autor/Resp.   Kalla, S.L.
Data   1972
PURL   2671
Título   Using lattice homomorphisms in decomposition theory
Autor/Resp.   Delany, J.E.
Data   1972
PURL   2672
Título   On generalized Meijer's and associated generalized Legendre's functions
Autor/Resp.   Shah, Manilal
Data   1972
PURL   2673