Artigos do volume 47, fascículo 1

Título   Locally free modules
Autor/Resp.   Wolfson, Kenneth G.
Data   1990
PURL   3204
Título   Errata to the article "On holomorphy in Banach spaces and absolute convergence of Fourier series"...
Autor/Resp.   Matos, Mário C.
Data   1990
PURL   3205
Título   A remark on a Banach-Steinhaus theorem of Narang
Autor/Resp.   Antosik, Piotr; Swartz, Charles
Data   1990
PURL   3206
Título   On transnormal horizons of convex hypersurfaces
Autor/Resp.   Wegner, Bernd
Data   1990
PURL   3207
Título   The theory of bounding subsets of topological vector spaces without convexity condition
Autor/Resp.   Bayoumi, Aboubakr
Data   1990
PURL   3208
Título   Subtractive groupoids and laterally commutative heaps
Autor/Resp.   Volenec, Vladimir
Data   1990
PURL   3209
Título   Inequalities for Weierstrass products
Autor/Resp.   Alzer, Horst
Data   1990
PURL   3210
Título   Unbounded linear transformations of upper semi-Fredholm type in normed spaces
Autor/Resp.   Cross, R.W.
Data   1990
PURL   3211
Título   S-rationally convex domains and the approximation of Silva-holomorphic functions by S-rational...
Autor/Resp.   Paques, O.W.; Zaine, M.C.
Data   1990
PURL   3212
Título   Closed form solutions of coupled algebraic and differential matrix equations
Autor/Resp.   Jódar, Lucas
Data   1990
PURL   3213
Título   The Fitting class generated by the $\pi$-perfect groups
Autor/Resp.   Brison, Owen J.
Data   1990
PURL   3214
Título   Matrices with prescribed similarity class and a prescribed nonprincipal submatrix
Autor/Resp.   Silva, Fernando C.
Data   1990
PURL   3215