Artigos do volume 48, fascículo 3

Título   Flow of a radiating gas between concentric cylinders
Autor/Resp.   Bestman, A.R.
Data   1991
PURL   3262
Título   Trivial formal fibres and formal Laurent series
Autor/Resp.   Enochs, Edgar E.; Jenda, Overtoun M.G.
Data   1991
PURL   3263
Título   Hearing the shape of a general convex domain: an extension to higher dimensions
Autor/Resp.   Zayed, E.M.E.
Data   1991
PURL   3264
Título   A multiplier theorem on weighted Orlicz spaces
Autor/Resp.   Bordin, B.; Garcia, J.B.
Data   1991
PURL   3265
Título   Oscillations of higher order neutral differential equations
Autor/Resp.   Chuanxi, Q.; Ladas, G.; Yan, J.
Data   1991
PURL   3266
Título   On linearly topologized spaces and $\mu$-spaces
Autor/Resp.   López Pellicer, M.; Sánchez Ruiz, L.M.
Data   1991
PURL   3267
Título   Metric properties of alternating Lüroth series
Autor/Resp.   Kalpazidou, Sofia; Knopfmacher, Arnold; Knopfmacher, John
Data   1991
PURL   3268
Título   Uniform approximation of continuous functions and $C^\infty$-functions in nuclear spaces by entire...
Autor/Resp.   Kajiwara, J.; Nishihara, M.; Ohgai, S.; Sugawara, N.
Data   1991
PURL   3269
Título   The number of eigenvalues greater than two in the Laplacian spectrum of a graph
Autor/Resp.   Merris, Russell
Data   1991
PURL   3270
Título   Representations of locally distributive lattices
Autor/Resp.   Behrendt, Gerhard
Data   1991
PURL   3271
Título   A partition identity with certain applications
Autor/Resp.   Hsu, L.C.
Data   1991
PURL   3272