Portuguese culture collection: title index

35 sonnets
Abridgement of the history of Portugal
Abstract of Military operations in Portugal, and in the adjacent Provinces in Spain, from September...
The abstruse joke - a scene off Terceira
Account of the war in Spain and Portugal and in the south of France, from 1808 to 1814, inclusive
Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent
Advance of the allies upon Condeixa
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in the Peninsula, France, and the Netherlands, from 1809 to 1815
The adventures of a young rifleman, in the French and English Armies, during the war in Spain and...
Affair at Redinha
Affair of Sabugal
Affair of the advanced guard of the allied army with the rear guard of the french army at Cazal Novo
African memoranda
[ Álbum de desenhos a lápis sobre Macau e Ilhas do Atlântico e índico]
Almada Hill
Also journey of the Pombeiros P. J. Baptista and Amaro José, across Africa from Angola to Tette on...
An account of Portugal as it appeared in 1766 to Dumouriez; since a celebrated general in the...
An account of the British Campaign in 1809, under Sir A. Wellesley, in Portugal and Spain
An account of the Court of Portugal, under the reign of the present King Dom Pedro II. Whith some...
An account of the Earl of Galwayªs conduct in Spain and Portugal...
An account of the most remarkable places and curiosities in Spain and Portugal
An account of the operations of the British army, and of the state and sentiments of the people of...
An account of the Portuguese in the interior of Angola and Mozambique
An account of the war in Portugal between Don Pedro and Don Miguel
An authentic account of Mr Canningªs policy with respect to the constitucional charter of Portugal...
An authentic narrative of the mutiny on board the ship Lady Shore; with particulars of a Journey...
An examination of the late archdeacon Echardªs account of the marriage-treaty, between King Charles...
An historical account of the discovery of the island of Madeira, Abridged from the Portuguese...
An historical and archaeological sketch of the city of Goa
An historical sketch of the Portuguese settlements in China and of the Roman Catholic Church and...
An itinerary of Spain and Portugal, or a complete guide to travellers through those countries
An old chapel of the Moorish Castle
An overland journey to Lisbon at the close of 1846 with a picture of the actual state of Spain and...
Analysis of the first section of Mr. Brown's observations on Dr. Darwin's Zoonomia
The ancient and present State of Portugal
The ancient and present State of Portugal
Anedoctes of the Spanish and Portuguese Revolutions
Angola and the river Congo
Appendix to correspondence relating to the affairs of Portugal
Appendix to the reflections on the Portuguese Patronage of the Orient
Arrival of the advanced guard of the allies in presence of the french army near Pombal
The attack of the rear guard of the French at Salamonde
The Aurora passing the Marianne
Authentic memoirs concerning the Portuguese Inquisition
The Azores or Western Islands
Azores or Western isles
Battle of Busaco
Belem Castle, Lisbon
Bibliotheca Lusitana
Bowlesªs new pocket map of Portugal
Bradshawªs illustrated hand-book to Spain and Portugal
The Brazil correspondence in the cases of the "Prince of Wales" and officers of the "Forte"
A brazillian attacking a bull
The british battalion at Oport
The British battalion at Oporto with adventures, anecdotes and exploits in Holland, at Waterloo,...
Camoens and the man of Java
Campaigns of the British Army in Portugal, under the command of general the Earl of Wellington, K....
[Carta-Relatório de Christian Adolph Frederick Eben para John Cradock, sobre a Batalha de Braga]
Castle of Punhete, on the banks of the Tagus
A catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese books with occasional literary and bibliographical remarks
Catalogue of the special loan exhibition of spanish and portuguese ornamental art, South Kensington...
Catharine, Queen of K. Charles II.d
A cavalier attacking a bull
A chart of the coasts of Spain and Portugal with the Balearie Islands and part of the coast of...
Chart of the entrance of the river Tagus
Chart of the Island of St. Michael
A chart of the Sea Coasts of Algrave [sic] and Andalusia between Cape St. Vincent and the Strait of...
Chinese temple Macao
Chorographical map of the Kingdom of Portugal, divided into its grand provinces
Chorographical map of the kingdom of Portugal divided into its grand provincies
Christianity in Ceylon
Chrographical map of the kingdom of Portugal divided into its grand provinces
Cintra, from the East
Cintra, from the West
"Cintra" German S.S. O. Peters, Master owned by the Oldenburg Port. Damp. Gesellschaft of Bremen...
City of Coimbra, antiently called Conimbra from the South Beira
The City of Funchal, Madeira
The City of Lisbon as before the dreadful Earthquake of November 1. st 1755
City plan of Lisbon
A civil, commercial, political, and literary history of Spain and Portugal
The civil war in Portugal and the siege of Oporto
The cocoa of São Thomé
Colloquies on the simples & drugs of India
A compedious chronicle of the kingdom of Portugal, from Alfonso the first king, to Alfonso the...
A Complete Collection of all the Marine Treatries subsisting between Great-Britain and France,...
A complete history of the inquisition in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the east and west-Indies, in all...
A complete set of new charts on thirty-eight large plates containing an accurate survey of the...
A concise and accurate account of the proceedings of the squadron under the command of Rear Admiral...
Considerations on the dismissal of Maj. Gen. Sir R. Wilson, from his majestyªs service
The Convent of N.ª S. rª da Penna
The Convent of the Penha Longa
The Convention of Cintra, a Portuguese Gambol for the amusement of Iohn Bull
[Copiador de documentação do exército inglês em Portugal, no período final da Guerra Peninsular]
Correspondance relative to the maintenance of an army in Portugal
Correspondence betwen Dr. Gillham and other medical men in Madeira
Correspondence exchanged with the Legation of Portugal and the Legation of Brasil at Lisbon
Correspondence relating to the affairs of Portugal
Correspondence respecting the action of Portugal in regard to the Delagoa Bay Railway
Correspondence respecting the Anglo-Portuguese convention of August 20, 1890 and the subsequent...
Correspondence with foreign powers, parties to the conventions between Great Britain and France,...
Correspondence with Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, relative to the slave trade
Correspondence with Spain, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Sweden, relative to the slave...
Correspondence with the British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, Havana, the cape of Good Hope, and...
Correspondence with the British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana, and Rio de Janeiro,...
Correspondence with the British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and...
Correspondence with the British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and...
Corvo and Flores
[Costa Sudoeste da India]
Costumes in Portugal
A courier from Lisboa to Oporto
The cultivation of cotton in Angola
[D. Luis I, Rei de Portugal]
A defence of the conduct of the Court of Portugal with a full refutation of the several charges...
A description of all the seats of the present Wars of Europe, in the Netherlands, Piedmont,...
A description of the Azores or Western Islands
A description of the Island of the St. Michael, comprising an account of its geogical structure
Detailed map of the Revd. Dr. Livingstoneªs route across Africa
Dictionary of english with portugueze and portugueze with english. With an Easie and Unerring...
A dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages
Disposition of the allies for the attack of the enemy's position beyond Pombal
A dissertation on the properties and efficacy of the Lisbon Diet-Drink; a medicine, for many years,...
A distant view of the Penna Convent
The district of Funchal
Don Miguels first sight of the British Squadron
Don Sebastian king of Portugal.
Don Sebastian, king of Portugal
Don Sebastian, King of Portugal
Don Sebastian; or the House of Braganza
O Douro illustrado
O Douro portuguez e paiz adjacente contando do rio quanto se pode tornar navegavel em Espanha
The early Portuguese School of Painting, with notes on the pictures at Viseu and Coimbra,...
The empire of China, with its principal divisions
The empire of Japan divided into seven principal parts and subdivided into six kingdoms with the...
English poems
Entrance to Cintra, from Lisbon
The environs, and harbour of Lisbon
Exact copy and literal translation in english and portuguese of a latin genealogical document...
Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo, during the autumn of 1823, while on his third voyage to...
A family tour round the coasts of Spain and Portugal during the Winter of 1860-1861
A farther account of memorable Earthquakes, to the present year 1756
Fayal, Pico and San Jorge
Felix Alvarez or manners in Spain containing descriptive accounts of some of the prominent events...
A few passing words on the koncani dialect as spoken in Goa
A few words in answer to certain individuals respecting the present state of Portugal, with some...
A few words on the subject of the denominated act of the three Estates of the Kingdom of Portugal...
Finden'ss Landscape & portrait illustrations, to the life ans works of Lord Byron
First campaign in the Peninsula, from the landing of the british army in Portugal to the Convention...
Five love-letters written by a cavalier, in answer to the five love-letters written to him by a nun...
The fortress of Almeida, on the Coa River
The front view of M. r de Vismés country seat at Montserat near Cyntra, taken from the Quinta da...
A full, clear, and authorised account of the late conspiracy in Portugal
Funchal from the West
A genealogical history of the kings of Portugal...
A general collection of treatys, declarations of war, manifestos, and other publick papers,...
A general collection of voyages and discoveries, made by the Portuguese and the Spaniards during...
A general history and collection of voyages and travels, arranged in systematic order forming a...
The General Theory and Phaenomena of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
A general vien of the city of Lisbone, the capitel the of Portugal
A general view of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal
A general view of the city of Lisbon the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal before the late...
A general view of the city of Lisbon, the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal... before the late...
The genuine legal sentence pronounced by the High Court of Judicature of Portugal upon the...
Goa, and the blue mountains ; or, six months of sick leave
The government of a wife; or, wholsom and Pleasant Advice for married men: in a Letter to a Friend
Grammatica do Chisena
Guide to the National Library
Hakluytus posthumus or Purchas his Pilgrimes. Contayning a History of the World, in Sea voyages, &...
A handbook for travellers in Portugal
A handbook for travellers in Portugal
Handbook of Portuguese studies
Here and there in Portugal
The High & Mighly Queen reciering an address from the Most Loyal subjects in the World
Hints to travellers in Portugal, in search of the beautiful and the grand
Hints to travellers in Portugal, in search of the beautiful and the grand with an itinery of some...
Historic of spanish and portuguese literature
Historical, military, and picturesque observations on Portugal, illustrated by seventy-five...
The historie of the vniting of the Kingdom of Portvgal to the crowne of Castill
The histories of Spain and Portugal
History of Brazil
A History of Madeira
A history of Portugal
The history of Portugal and Spain
The history of Portugal, from the commencement of the monarchy to the reign of Alfonso III
The history of Spain and Portugal
History of the abolition of the military subsidy impost at Oporto
History of the Azores, or western Islands; containing an account of the government, laws and...
A history of the Brazil
A history of the campaigns of the british forces in Spain and Portugal...
The history of the Church of Malabar, from the time of its being first discoverªd by the...
The history of the european commerce with India
The history of the inquisition, as it has subsisted in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Venice,...
The history of the Inquisition, as it is Exercised at Goa
The history of the Inquisition, as it subsists in the Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, &c. and in both...
The history of the Inquisitions; including the secret transactions of those horrifie tribunals
A history of the Island of St. Helena from its discovery by the portuguese to the year 1806
The history of the jews of Spain and Portugal, from the earliest times to their final expulsion...
The history of the Portuguese, during the reign of Emmanuel
The history of the revolution in Portugal, in the year 1640 or an account of their revolt from...
The History of the Revolutions of Portugal
History of the war in Spain and Portugal, from 1807 to 1814
History of the War in the Peninsula and the south of France, from the year 1807 to the year 1814
History of the war in the Peninsula, under Napoleon ; to which is prefixed a view of the political...
The history of the wars occasioned by the French revolution. Including a sketch of the early...
Homage to Dom Vasco da Gama on the anniversary of the four centenary of the discovery of a new...
Horta and Pim Bays;
How I crossed Africa
Igreja de S. Nicholao, Porto
In the Cloister S.t Cruz Coimbra
Injusta acclamação do serenissimo infante D. Miguel ou analyse e refutação juridica do assento dos...
The Inquisition and Judaism
Institution of the General Company for the Culture of the Vineyards of Alto Douro
Interior of Porto Santo
The invalid's guide to Madeira, with a description of Tenerife, Lisbon, Cintra, Mafra, etc., and a...
Italy, Spain, and Portugal, with an excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha
Jennings Landscape Annual, or Tourist in Portugal for 1839
Jesuit convent, Macao
John Schwalbach
Joseph I, King of Portugal
Journal of a few monthsª residence in Portugal, and glimpses of the south of Spain
Journal of a landsman from portsmouth to Lisbon, on board his majestyªs ship
Journal of a Ride Post through Portugal and Spain, from Lisbon to Bayonne
A journal of a three monthsª tour in Portugal, Spain, Africa, etc.
Journal of a voyage to Brazil and residence there
A journal of the campaign in Portugal and Spain, containing remarks on the inhabitants, customs,...
Journal of the regimental officer during the recent campaign in Portugal and Spain under Lord...
A journey from London to Genoa, through England, Portugal, Spain and France
Journeys of Silva Porto with the Arabs from Benguela to Ibo and Mozambique
June - Lisboa
The kingdoms of Portugal and Algarve
The kingdoms of Portugal and Algarve
Lacerdaªs journey to Cazembe in 1798
The last days of the Portuguese constitution
A letter addressed to sir James Mackintosh, M. P. on his motion respecting the affairs of Portugal,...
A letter adressed to the Right Honourable Earl Grey &c. &c. &c.
A letter from counsellor Abrantes to Sir William AªCourt, on the regency of Portugal and the...
Letter from Sir Robert Wilson to his Constituents, in refutation of a charge for dispatching a...
A letter to the most noble, the Marquess of Lansdown, on the affairs of Portugal and Spain, more...
A letter to the right Honorable the Earl of E----t, or considerations on sending land forces to...
Letters, &c. relating to Captain Mins´s second visit to Portugal
Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, &c. by an English Officer
Letters from Madeira in 1834
Letters from Portugal and Spain
Letters from Portugal and Spain, written during the March of the British Troops under Sir John...
Letters from Portugal, on the late and present state of that Kingdom
Letters from Portugal, Spain, <&>and France, written during the campaigns of 1812, 1813, & 1814,...
Letters from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany, in the years 1759, 1760, and 1761
Letters of Colonel Sir Augustus Simon Frazer, K. C. B. commanding the royal horse artillery in the...
Letters written during a short residence in Spain and Portugal, by Robert Southey, with some...
The life of Dom John de Castro, the fourth Vice-Roy of India...
The life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies and Japan
The life Prince Henry of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator and its results
The lines in front of Lisbon
Lisboa em 1650
The Lisbon chronicle
The Lisbon english journal
Lisbon in the years 1821, 1822 and 1823
The Lisbon mail
The little sea torch
Lives of Cardinal Alberoni, the Duke of Ripperda, and Marquis of Pombal... exhibiting a view of the...
Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain and Portugal
Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain and Portugal
Love poems
Luis de Camoens
The Lusiad
The Lusiad, or, Portugals historicall poem
The Lusiad; or, the discovery of India
Lusitania illustrada
Lusitanian sketches of the pen and pencil
The lyricks...
Lyrics of Gil Vicente, with the Portuguese text
Madeira, its climate and scenery
The manner of the execution of the conspirators at Lissbon
A manual flora of Madeira and the adjacent Islands of Porto Santo and the Desertas
Map of Spain and Portugal including the places rendered celebrated by battles & sieges
A map of the kingdom of Portugal
A map of the mouth of the famous river Tagus or the harbour of the city of Lisbon
Map of the port wine district
Marches, movements, and operations of the <4>th division of the allied army, in Spain and Portugal
The married life of Anne of Austria, Queen of France, mother of Louis XIV and Don Sebastian, King...
Massenaªs retreat from Portugal
Memoir of the early campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal and Spain
Memoirs od Spain during of reigns of Philip IV and Charles II from 1621 to 1700
Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Duke de Saldanha with selections from his correspondence
Memoirs of the Duchess dªAbrantès, (Madam Junot)
Memoirs of the late war
Memoirs of William Sampson
The military adventures of Johnny Newcome, with an account of his Campaign on the Peninsula, and in...
A military sketch of the country between Lisbon and Vimeiro occupied by the British Army under the...
A military sketch of the country between Lisbon and Vimiero occupied by the British Army under the...
Miscellaneous Tracts
The missionary life and labours of Francis Xavier taken from his own correspondence
Missionary travels and researches in South Africa
The modern traveller
Movement against the french troops occupying the position of Guarda
Movements of the two armies after the repulse of Marshal Massenas attack upon the position of Busaco
Movements to dislodge the french army from its positions on the right bank of the Alba
The mysteries of popery unveiled, in the unparalleled sufferings of John Coustos, at the...
Narrative of a spring tour in Portugal
Narrative of a voyage to Brasil
Narrative of an expedition to explore the River Zaire, usually, called the Congo, in South Africa,...
A narrative of the Campaign of the British Army in Spain, commanded by his excellency...
A narrative of the campaign, which preceded the convention of Cintra, in Portugal
A narrative of the Campaigns of the Loyal Lusitanian Legion, under Brigadier General Sir Robert...
A narrative of the campaigns of the Loyal Lusitanian Legion, under Brigadier General Sir Robert...
A Narrative of the Earthquake and Fire of Lisbon
Narrative of the expedition to Portugal in 1832, under the orders of His Imperial Majesty Dom...
A narrative of the naval part of the expedition to Portugal under the orders of his Imperial...
A narrative of the Peninsular War
Narrative of the Peninsular War, from 1808 to 1813
Narrative of the persecution and imprisonment in Portugal, of William Young, Esq. H. P. Bristish...
A narrative of the persecution of Hippolyte Joseph da Costa Pereira Furtado de Mendonça, a native...
Narrative of the Portuguese embassy to Abyssinia during the years 1520-1527
A narrative of the principal events of the campaigns of 1809, 1810 & 1811, in Spain and Portugal...
The National Printing Office at Lisbon
The Natural and Political History of Portugal
Natural history of the Azores, or Western Islands
Near home; or, the countries of Europe described
"Nestor" german S. S. Klófkorn, Master
Neutrality; or non-interference of Great Britain in the present usurpation of Portugal
A new and accurate map of Portugal composed from the latest improvem[en]t[e]s and adjusted by the...
A new chart of the Azores, or western islands, Madeira, the Canary islands, and part of the coasts...
A new chart of the Azores, or western islands, Madeira, the Canary islands and part of the coasts...
A new chart of the Azores or Western Isles
A new chart of the Azores or Western Isles
A new chart of the Cape Verde Islands
A new chart of the coast of Brazil from the banks of St. Roque, to the Island of St. Sebastian with...
A new chart of the North coast of Brazil from Seara to the Island of Sn. João Baptista
A new & correct chart of the coast of Guinea from Cape Verd to Cape Negro
A New Journey over Europe from France throª Savoy, Switzerland, Germany, Flanders, Holland,...
A new map of the kingdom of Portugal divided into its provinces
A new map of the kingdom of Portugal divided into its provinces
A new map of the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal with their principal divisions
A new map of the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal with their principal divisions
New military map of Spain & Portugal, compiled from the Nautical Surveys of Don Vincent Tofiño, the...
A new Portuguese grammar in four parts...
A new Portuguese grammar in four parts...
A New Universal Collection of authentic and entertaining Voyages and Travels, from the earliest...
Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo, by way of Lisbon, Athens, Constantinople, and...
Notes on Rio de Janeiro, and the Southern parts of Brazil
Notes on the pretended rights of the Princess of Grand Para to the portugueze throne
Notes taken during a trip to Santarem, batalha and Alcobaça
Notice on the models of ships exhibited by the Rio de Janeiro Navy Yard
Notices of Brazil in 1828 and 1829
Observations of Count de Saldanha to a letter which the members of the Oporto Junta adressed to His...
Observations on the papers lately submitted to parliament upon the subject of the affairs of...
The ocean flower
Official correspondence on the Lourenço Marques-Delagoa bay question
The oliveira prize
On Central African plants collected by major Serpa Pinto
On the discovery of Australia by the Portuguese in 1601
On the Secondary district of Portugal which lies on the North of the Tagus
Oporto and the Douro
The Oporto British School
The original journals of the campaigns in the Peninsula of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington
Original letters of his Excellency Sir Richard Fanshaw, during his embassies in Spain and...
Palmeirin of England
A panoramic view of the city of Funchal, in the Island of Madeira
Papers relating to the improvement of the navigation of the river Douro from its mouth to the barca...
Papers relative to Portugal
Papers respecting the relations between Great Britain and Portugal
A part of the Palace, Cintra
Pass. in the mountains near Ladeira, Beira
Passage of the Ceira
Passage of the river Douro
Pastime in Portugal or a visit to the nunnerys
A peasant of Alenteju, a Lisbon fruit woman, a woman of Beira
Pedestrians attacking a bull
Peninsular sketches
Peninsular sketches, during a recent tour
Personal memoirs and correspondence of Colonel Charles Shaw K. C. T. S., &c. of the portuguese...
The Phaenix her arrival et Welcome to England
A picture of Lisbon, taken on the spot
A picture of Lisbon, taken on the spot...
A picturesque tour in Spain, Portugal and along the coast of Africa, from Tangiers to Tetuan
Pintor Pindello and Ferral Mining Company
A plan and chart of Lisbon Setuval and its neighbouring country
A plan of the city of Lisbon
[Plan of the] Oporto
Plans Elevations Sections and Views of the Church of Batalha, in the Province of Estremadura in...
Poems from the portuguese
Port of Leixöes
Porto Praya in the Island of S t. Yago
Porto Praya, in the Island of St. Iago
Portugal according to the newest observations
Portugal accurately drawn from the most approved modern maps and charts
Portugal and Galicia
Portugal and its capabilities...
Portugal and its people
Portugal illustrated
Portugal or the young travellers: being some account of Lisbon and its environs, and of a tour in...
Portugal; or who is the lawful successor to the throne? Being an enquiry, instituted with a view to...
The Portuguese Asia
The Portuguese Contract Company (Limited)
Portuguese discoveries dependencies and missions in Asia and Africa
Portuguese maps and plans of Ceylon
Portuguese nyassaland an account of the discovery, native population, agricultural and mineral...
Portuguese peasantry
The Portuguese question
Portuguese scenery from drawings
Position of Santarém, from a military survey ...
The present state of Portugal, and of the Portuguese army: with an epitome of the ancient history...
The prize-essay on Portugal
The proceedings upon the inquiry, relative to the armistice and convention, &c. made and concluded...
Proposed great Madrid and Lisbon railway with branches
A prospect of the new Aqueduct of Lisbon, as crossing over the Vallery of Alcantra
Rambles in Madeira, and in Portugal in the early part of M.DCCC.XXVI with an appendix of details,...
Recollections of an excursion to the monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha
Recollections of Madeira
Recollections of the Peninsula
Reflections on the Portuguese Patronage of the Orient. Applied to the pastoral address of the Revd....
Reflexoens sobre o parecer da Direcção da Associação Comercial do Porto, relativo à questão dos...
Refutation of Colonel Napiers Justification of his third volume
Relatório annual da Direcção da West of India Portuguese Guaranteed Railway Company
Remarks upon the account lately published, of the Earl of Galways conduct in Spain and Portugal. In...
Reply of Camoens
A reply to the "Exposé des droits de Sa Majesté, très fidèle, Donna Maria II...for the purpose of...
A reply to two pamphlets, entitled «Illustrations of the potuguese question, by a portuguese...
Reports transmitted to the Portuguese government of the proceedings of the commission appointed to...
Representation made by Offey Webber, & Forrester of Oporto, to their correspondents, respecting the...
Revelations of Portugal, and narrative of an overland journey to Lisbon, at the close of 1846
The revolutions of Portugal
Rough leaves from a journal kept in Spain and Portugal, during the years 1832, 1833, & 1834
Ruins of Lisbon after the Earth-Quake, on the 1.st Nov.er 1755
Ruins of Lisbon after the Earthquake in 1755
S.W. view of S. t Michael, one of the Azores ;
A S. W. view of the grand Aqueduct over the Valley of Alcantara near Lisbon
Sailing directions for the coasts of Spain and Portugal, from cape Ortegal to Gibraltar
San Miguel
Santa Maria and the Formigas
The sculptural ornament of the Monastery of Batalha in Portugal
A second journey in Spain in the Spring of 1809; from Lisbon, through the western skirts of the...
A second letter, adressed to the right honourable Earl Grey, &c. &c. &c. on portuguese affairs
A series of views of the Principal Occurrences of the Campaigns in Spain and Portugal, taken during...
A Sermon preached at the Parish Church of Wolsingham, in the Bishoprick of Durham, on the 6th...
Seventy sonnets of Camoens
Several years travels trough Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark and the...
A short account of the view of Lisbon
A short view; Or History of the Inquisition of the Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, &c. to this day
Sir William Monson's Naval Tracts
Six preliminary articles... from the King of Portugal and the State Counsellor of Parliament, in...
A sketch of Madeira
Sketch of Napiers glorious triumph over the Miguelite Squadron, off Cape S. t Vincent
A Sketch of the Campaign in Portugal
A sketch of the city of Lisbon, and its environs
Sketch of the operations of the British Army in Portugal
Sketches and adventures in Madeira, Portugal, and the Andalusias of Spain
Sketches in Portugal during the Civil War of 1834
Sketches of Military Costume in Spain and Portugal
Sketches of Society and Manners in Portugal
Sketches of the Country, character, and Costume, in Portugal and Spain, made during the campaign,...
Slave trafic in portuguese Africa
South America with its several divisions, according to the possessions of the european powers
South west view of Montserat, in Portugal
Southern Spain and Portugal
Souvenir of Madeira
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal divided into their respective kingdoms and provinces, from the Spanish and...
Spain & Portugal
Spain & Portugal
Spain & Portugal
Spain & Portugal
Spain & Portugal
Spaind and Portugal, with their general divisions
A statement of facts proving the right of the Crown of Portugal to the territories situated on the...
A statistical and geographical survey of Spain and Portugal, giving a detailed and special account...
Statue of Joseph 1st at Lisbon
Steelªs new and complet chart of the coast of Brazil from Maranham to the Entrance of the River...
The strangerªs guide in Lisbon or on historical and descriptive view of the city of Lisbon and its...
Strictures on certain passages of Lieut.-col. Napierªs History of the Peninsular War, which relate...
The sufferings of John Coutos, for Free-Masonry and for his refusing to turn Roman Catholic, in the...
A Summer in the Azores with a glimpse of Madeira
The tagus and the tiber; or, notes of travel in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, in 1850-1
A topographical chart of the entrance of the river Tagus, describing the coast from cape Roca to...
Torrent of Portugal
A Tour through part of the Atlantic; or, recollections from Madeira, the Azores (or Western Isles),...
A tour through Spain and Portugal, &c. giving an account of the most remarkable places and...
A tour through the principal provinces of Spain and Portugal perfomed in the year 1803, with...
The tourist in Portugal
The tourist in Portugal
Traits and traditions of Portugal
Travels in brazil, in the year 1817-1820. Undertaken by command of his majesty the King of Bavaria
Travels in Europe and Africa
Travels in Madeira, Sierra Leone, Tenerife, St. Jago, Cape Coast, Fernando Po, Princes Island, etc....
Travels in Portugal and through France and Spain
Travels in Portugal; through the Provinces of Entre Douro e Minho, Beira, Estremadura, and...
Travels in the interior of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope to Morocco, from the years 1781 to...
Travels in the interior of Brazil, particularly in the gold and diamind districts of that country,...
Travels in the interior of Brazil, principally through the northern provinces, and the gold and...
Travels of his Royal highness Prince Adalbert of Prussia, in the South of Europe and in Brazil,...
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A treatise on the defence of Portugal with a military map of the country to which is added a sketch...
A treatise on the defense of Portugal with a military map of the country to which is added a sketch...
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A view of the Praça do Commercio at Lisbon, taken from the Tagus
A view of the Quinta of Gerard de Visme..., at Bemfique, near Lisbon including the farm house, etc.
A view of the Quinta of Gerard de Visme..., at Bemfique, near Lisbon including the Quinta of the...
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Views in Spain and Portugal taken during the Campaigns of his grace the Duke of Wellington
Views in Spain and Portugal taking during the campaigns of his grace the Duke of Wellington
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